Barcode labels for USA and Canada Customs.

We are an authorized provider of both PARS and PAPS barcode labels. PARS labels are used for shipments going from the USA to Canada, and PAPS labels are used for shipments going from Canada to the USA.

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Your order will ship on the business day after you order, although if you order in the morning we make every effort to ship on the same day. We offer two options for shipping - airmail and UPS. UPS delivery takes one day. Airmail can take anywhere from 3-7 (or more) days, and this time frame is completely out of our control. Please determine your delivery needs and choose an appropriate shipping method. Many customers who select airmail delivery will then call us to see if we can speed up the delivery of their labels. We cannot. If you choose next day delivery and are ordering a large quantity of labels, we will divide your shipment - the first 500-1000 labels will delivery via UPS and the remainder by mail.

About Us has produced millions of approved PARS, PAPS, and A8A labels. We ship your order on the next business day.

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